Making the Most of Clay Masks

Making the Most of Clay Masks

Here at The Refill Shoppe we LOVE a good clay mask. Clay masks are versatile, shelf stable, and easy to refill. Follow along to learn our favorite tips, tricks, and hacks to get the most out of our Green Clay & Rose Clay masks.


Which mask is best for you?

Our clay masks were formulated to treat a wide array of skin types. While we recommend both masks to just about anyone, here are some specs to help you decide which mask works best for you.

Our Green Clay Mask is made up of few ingredients: French Green Clay, Kelp, Lavender Flowers, and Lavender Oil. The clay base will dry on your skin, soaking up excess oil and surfaced impurities. Lavender and Kelp are anti-microbial and help to hydrate and nourish the skin. If your skin is feeling inflamed, oily, or just generally drab, try this one out!

The Rose Clay Mask is packed with antioxidant-rich ingredients. Pink Clay, Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, Beet Powder, Organic Turmeric Root, Provitamin B5, and Vitamin C Ester. The Pink, Kaolin, and Bentonite clay will dry on your skin to soak up excess oil while still leaving your skin soft and smooth. Turmeric Root will brighten your skin while Provitamin B5 will bind and hold moisture in your skin. Vitamin C ester can act as an anti-inflammatory ingredient to soothe redness. The Rose Clay Mask tends to suit our super-sensitive and dry Refillers best!


What should you mix your mask with?

Distilled Water

When in doubt, use a neutral medium like distilled water. Water will give you a lot of room to play around with your desired consistency.


Rosewater Toner

Mixing your clay mask with Rosewater Toner is another sure-fire method. The rosewater will add extra moisturizing properties with a soothing and decadent aroma.


Aloe Vera 

Mixing your clay mask with Aloe Vera is going to help fight acne and soothe inflamed skin. Mix Aloe vera with the Green Clay for a perfect post-sun cooling mask.


Honey Face Wash

Mix your clay mask with Honey Face Wash to create an acne fighting paste. Use as a spot treatment or all over your face to help fight breakouts. You can also mix a tsp of just raw honey with the clay to create a gritty exfoliating powder. This mixture will physically exfoliate your skin to get rid of dry or flakey spots.


Acne Spot Treatment

Mix a few drops of our Acne Spot Treatment to your clay mask to create the ultimate zero-waste pimple patch. The ingredients in the Acne Spot Treatment will kill bacteria while the clay will soak up excess oil and impurities. Leave the DIY “pimple patch” on overnight and gently cleanse in the morning. This has saved us, many times!


Plain Greek Yogurt

If you really want to cool your skin down, try adding some cold plain Greek yogurt. The yogurt gives the clay mask a beautiful consistency. Lactic acid in this dairy product will act as a mild exfoliant and help brighten and tighten your skin!


Tips on how to use:

Start small. Start by adding a small scoop (approx. 1/2 tsp) of powder to your hand or bowl. Slowly add a few drops of liquid to the clay and mix until you reach desired consistency. The goal is to reach a slightly runny, paste-like consistency. The mask should be easy to apply to the face with a fan brush or fingers. When the mask dries, use warm water and a small towel to remove.

Never store a pre-mixed mask. Only mix mask directly before use. The clay mask was designed to be stored dry, and mixed upon use. This method helps to avoid unwanted bacterial growth and helps to prevent waste! The shelf life of your mask will be much longer when kept in powder form. 

Certain mediums (like honey and yogurt) may not fully dry. When this occurs, leave mask on for 10-15 minutes and then remove with warm water.


The possibilities are truly endless when using our clay masks. We love how long these masks will last and how versatile they can be when incorporated into your at-home routine. They are simple enough to be used multiple times a week and can be used to treat all different types of skincare concerns. Comment below your favorite way to use your TRS clay masks!








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