Father's Day Eco Gift Guide

Father's Day Eco Gift Guide

Is your dad all about eco-friendly alternatives? Or are you trying to encourage your dad to be a little more eco-friendly? Here are our top 5 Father's Day gifts that will have your dad HOOKED on zero waste alternatives.


Small jar of simple salve

Simple Salve

This all-purpose salve can be used as lip balm, hand salve, or body moisturizer. It helps to soothe dry, itchy skin and lips. This is for your 3-in-1 lovers, on the go guys, and perfect for calloused hands. While we truly love this product for anyone, we think its simplicity and effectiveness will make a perfect gift for your eco (or aspiring eco) pop!


Clear glass bottle of shave oil

Shave Oil

How about a custom scented, clean, refillable shaving routine? Our shave oil can be used as a pre-shave to soften hairs in advance, or during the shave, in place of a cream. It’s packed with a handful of nourishing oils for easy glide, hydration, and a soothing finish. 


Clear glass bottle of aftershave


Pair this with our shave oil for a build-your-own skin AND earth safe shave kit.


Clear glass bottle of beard oil

Beard Oil

If dad doesn’t shave, how about a moisturizing and custom scented beard oil? Regular use increases the overall health and manageability of his beard by conditioning and softening the hair and skin. This beard oil could actually be used all over the face, in the hair, and on the body. You really cant go wrong with this combination of oils. We love to scent beard oil with Cedarwood & Bergamot for a woody citrus kick! 


Custom scented perfume roller


Okay it isn’t called cologne but it IS a custom scented perfume roller. One of our all time favorite gifts, the perfume roller really encompasses the idea of a Signature Scent. Create a scent with a favorite memory in mind. Maybe something reminiscent of a camping trip like Pine Needles, Vetiver, and Jasmine? Or how about the Ocean Blend for a dad that cant get enough time at the beach. This gift is sure to be thoughtful and remembered. 


Travel towel

Travel Towel

For the camping or outdoorsy dad. This 100% bamboo travel towel is absorbent, fast drying, soft, and can fit in your pocket! This is the kind of a gift you’d never think to buy yourself, but once you have it, you really can't live without it. Not only is it totally practical, but each towel gives back by removing 3 pounds of trash from the earth and 3 pounds of C02 from the air. Talk about a carbon-negative gift! Pairs well with our Bug Spray and Itch Relief roller for the perfect hiking essentials kit.


No matter who you celebrate on Father's Day, The Refill Shoppe is your stop for thoughtful, customized, and eco-friendly gifts.



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